HOW do refugees/asylum seekers manage to have large sums of cash to pay criminal people smugglers?

They come from nations where the currency is almost worthless and the people supposedly impoverished.

The recent Channel fatalities reportedly paid £35,000 to £40,000 for their passage!

I fancy if the UK collapsed into anarchy then few – very few – UK citizens could afford an escape attempt.

There seems to be no attempt for these folks to check in at the first port of call – as they are supposed to. Are other European nations actually encouraging these hordes of people to reach the Channel coast and “Eldorado” beckoning?

The UK, the US and other countries have been “interfering” in north Africa and the Middle East causing those regions to become destabilised. We encourage folks to “rise up”, then realise that as things escalate, we have no exit plan, so we simply walk away leaving folks to their fate.

I suggest we start to mind our own business and pay more attention to the many serious UK problems.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.