I WAS amazed by the letter from Gary Mundell “Biden time” (HAS, Nov 23). He surely cannot believe that the world was a safer place when Donald Trump was president, a president who seemed to have no concept of truth and lying.

Any statement unfavourable to Mr Trump was immediately dismissed as fake news, even though it was obviously true.

He has consistently shown no regard whatsoever for honesty and surrounded himself with sycophants who were happy to parrot whatever was said by him even though his dishonesty was on public display via the media. Do you remember the dispute about the relative sizes of his and Obama’s inauguration ceremony crowds?

Any of his government disagreeing with him would be sacked, apart from those already sent to prison.

I would prefer to have a president who maybe slightly forgetful (though surrounded by advisers who could correct him) rather than a president who regards the truth as whatever he wishes the truth to be at that moment in time.

It is interesting to note how many members of Mr Trump’s administration were welcomed as world class experts and leave as incompetent and dishonest rats or fools

Eric Gendle, Middlesbrough.