THE Government has just announced a 10-point plan to cut carbon emissions, support new technologies and boost employment.

But just how much does it really care about the environment?

And is Boris Johnson’s green industry revolution just a load of recycled hot air jam-packed with tired, rehashed and reheated announcements - the one form of recycling we don’t need.

There’s talk of zero emission planes (‘’jet zero’’), something even Walter Mitty would feel embarrassed announcing.

Carbon Capture is back. Tories have been talking about Carbon Capture for over a decade - and are at it again. Expect the next announcement in another ten years.

Offshore wind farms come next, with plans to energy power every home by 2030, according to Boris that is. The very same Boris who once claimed wind farms ‘’couldn’t pull the skin of a rice pudding’’.

If the Government really cared about the environment it could actually start introducing some realistic measures here and now. How about a complete ban on the sale of fireworks. It’s an outdated celebration and causes untold damage through air pollution.

The once November 5th nightly event has turned into an all-year environmental nightmare.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.