I REFER to the advertisement placed by the Faithful Durhams (Echo, Oct 20) encouraging readers to get involved in Durham County Council’s consultation over how they see the importance of the DLI collection in the planned Mount Oswald history centre.

The advert stands out, gets to the point and tells you how to contact the council. Comparison with the council’s statement regarding the consultation makes you think that leader Simon Henig and the chosen few do not want people to see it.

This consultation has come after the Labour-controlled council has passed the plans, a usual stunt pulled by the council leadership.

One of the main aspects of this new facility was going to be the full display of the DLI collection from the DLI museum, which the council closed without reasons or public consultation. It would be a mark of respect to the people who served and died in the historic regiment. But now the Faithful Durhams fear the council is going back on its word and many of the items will be in storage (Echo, Oct 22).

If you think the councillors should keep to their word, please, please contact the council leader and get your voice heard. How about asking the council to delay any action until we are clear of the virus or till after the elections next year, although I think the leader of the council and his chosen few are afraid they may not be there next year - let’s wait and see.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.