FOLLOWING the front page story headlined “Pubs struggle to stay afloat” (Echo, Nov 9), it is not just pubs which are struggling but also clubs throughout the Club and Institute Union.

Like pubs, we too have overheads which we still have to pay.

Clubs in general are non-profit making. Unfortunately, our membership is on the decline for a number of reasons, but we battle on to provide somewhere for the general public to go knowing they will be well looked after and safe.

Clubs provide entertainment and other types of leisure facilities which have to paid for. We raise thousands of pounds for charities, which our members gladly contribute to.

I really fear that there will be some clubs that do not never recover from this terrible crisis, although committees are working very hard to make sure members of the public have somewhere to go when it is all over.

Please do not forget the clubs.

Stan Summers, President, Darlington CIU, and Vice President Durham Branch CIU.