THE term ‘rats deserting a sinking ship’ came to mind when it was announced that Brexit spin doctors Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain were resigning. It was their slogans, some would say lies, which helped to persuade millions to believe that the UK, led by Boris Johnson, would be better off leaving one of the world’s largest trading partnerships, the EU.

Wise old Conservatives such as Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine counselled against the move as they understood that it was Britain’s membership which had attracted huge businesses such as Nissan because we were their gateway to Europe. Boris Johnson backed Cummings instead even when his advisor flouted Covid rules.

It was revealed last month that over £1.2 Trillion of British assets had been moved out of London and we have also lost thousands of European nurses as well as our own right to automatically live, work and retire in Europe.

If Boris fails to deliver his promised ‘oven-ready’ deal, the turmoil of Brexit Britain, threat to peace in Ireland and the break-up of the UK into separate countries will make the government’s pandemic chaos pale into insignificance. Hopefully the departure of Cummings will bring some much needed sanity.

Stephen Warren, Durham.