I READ with interest that Taylor’s butchers in Skinnergate, Darlington, had to close “due to unforeseen circumstances” caused by staff contracting Covid-19 (Echo, Oct 20).

I can’t say I’m surprised.

I was queuing outside there recently and of the four people in front of me – two metres distanced of course – only two were wearing facemasks.

I fully expected that when it was their turn to enter the shop they would be stopped and refused service. One was served without question or comment, the second was asked if he had a mask, when he said no, he was served anyway.

This is the problem. It is not due to Government policies or failures. It is the members of the public who think they can swan around as if nothing is going on and to blazes with the rest of us who are doing the right thing.

This is also the case in supermarkets. There are people wandering around the stores with either no mask or a mask under the nose, or even worse, under the chin.

The supermarkets are raking it in. Why don’t they employ some of the people who find themselves out of work through no fault of their own to marshal their stores as they do in other countries (the ones were cases are low – like Australia, so it clearly works)?

It seems we are all so PC nowadays we don’t want to confront anyone in case they are offended. The time for causing offence by asking them to wear a mask properly is well and truly over.

Man-up Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons etc. You’re making plenty of money out of this situation. Let’s see you taking some responsibility.

JL Moore, Darlington.