WHEN I was brought up during the Second World War, times were hard, and families struggled to eat. There were no benefits from the Government, apart from milk tokens and orange juice for the children. No one, parent or child, was overweight or obese, and the one who suffered most was the mother of the children. Husbands had to be fed in order to be able to do manual work.

I was not aware of my mother suffering in this way but I wouldn’t have been,would I? She never said. I was one of three boys so hardship was possible.

Perhaps we could all have done with Marcus Rashford in those days, but I doubt it. People would have refused help and soldiered on, that’s how it was. As most people lived near their own family then of course everyone joined in to help - although I appreciate that is not always possible now as folks move around a lot and the family chain is broken.

Allan Wilkinson, Houghton le Spring.