THE Government’s decision not to fund free meals during the half term holidays in England for children who normally get free school meals has created a furore, with footballer Marcus Rashford in the fore. Children in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will still receive the meals! Fortunately, many local authorities, voluntary organisations and individuals have stepped into the breach. However, there will probably still be thousands who miss out.

The Government’s decision has been widely criticised and an online petition led by Marcus Rashford had over 900,000 signatures at the last count. However, some Tory MPs led by the Mansfield MP Ben Bradley supported the Government decision. He commented on a thread on Twitter that the cash would go “direct to a crack den and a brothel”, but I thought the money would be distributed in the form food vouchers. I have never used a brothel, but I don’t think a £15 food voucher will buy much service. I do not know if under Tier 1 the Government has sanctioned the opening of brothels but if they have, social distancing will be difficult!

Brian Fiske, Darlington.