WE read in the newspapers, yours included, tales of woe from people like Alan Jordan, a Labour campaigner (HAS, Oct 27).

He tells us Keir Starmer is providing a strong leadership when he is actually sitting on the fence with no plans in place for the handling of the virus as it is now.

The plans Sir Keir came up with on the fire break action was suggested three weeks earlier and at that time he along with others rejected it.

Everything he does seems to take him a couple of weeks to see how it goes before he brings it up.

If we work on this principle had he been in charge, we would have been waiting a couple of weeks later than the Conservatives for action to be taken.

I will leave it to him and the readers to work out what this would relate to in extra deaths and numbers of the extra people contracting the virus.

He has fallen foul of one of the big Labour unions and three Labour MPs have abandoned his sinking ship.

He has no views at all on Brexit, another thing going on at the moment which most people in this area want, and that is why our complacent previous MPs in this area lost their seats because they would not listen to people. Instead, they tried to tell us what they wanted to do to, which was not to bring Brexit to the UK.

The Conservative Party has acted on the original partly false information it was given to try and control the virus but also to give people a life. It has acted in a very competent way. It has a strong leadership which is not helped by the negatives and the way the Labour Party, which is on its last legs in this area, is trying to score brownie points.

So to the local people who rightly voted to bring in a Tory, keep your faith in them, you made the right choice, let’s see what happens at the end of the day. And keep safe by following the rules.

John Armstrong, Newton Aycliffe.