THE latest polls show that 58 per cent of Scots would now prefer that their country become an independent nation outside the UK, so it is absolutely the ideal time to call for another vote on that worthy topic.

Any independence referendum democratically must also involve England.

The Scots may well be surprised when their neighbours agree overwhelmingly to say “goodbye”, leaving them to their own devices, including finance.

Oh, what a profound shock that would be for Scotland, having to survive without the huge monetary subsidy it currently receives by the courtesy of English taxpayers.

The Scottish themselves would have to fund the freebies they currently revel in, among which are free university education, free personal care in residential homes, free NHS prescriptions, free parking at hospitals, and so on, and for which the English must pay dearly.

Without having to fund so much of Scotland’s expenditure, more money surely could be released for England to fund its public services, thus reducing costs all round for the English. Hallelujah!

Bobby Meynell, Stockton-on-Tees.