THE Northern Echo has had the temerity to draw attention to another example of Dominic Cummings’ outrageous behaviour “Fresh Calls to Challenge ruling on back-dated tax” (Echo, Oct 22).

After breaking national lockdown restrictions at the height of the pandemic, he has avoided back-dated Council Tax of £30,000 or more, not to mention flouting planning rules.

Local MPs, Dehenna Davison, Richard Holden and Paul Howell dismissively call this “an old story”. History is “an old story”, from which we continue to learn lessons.

The lessons we learn from Cummings’ outrageous behaviour and the comments of our local MPs is that laws and regulations do not apply to him.

These MPs voted, last week, against extending free meal vouchers for children at risk of going hungry during school holidays. These MPs should hang their heads in shame, not criticise those who find their behaviour disgraceful.

They blame Durham’s Labour politicians for pursuing the back tax, saying this is not a priority for local voters; I think they’ll discover that it is a priority for their constituents and that they’ll judge them on their actions.

Another instance of our MPs blaming the messenger when they don’t like the message!

Elizabeth Hunt, Barningham.