JOHN GILMORE “Virus eugenics” (HAS, Oct 20) misuses the term ‘eugenics’. It does not mean the same as having a disregard for the lives of those deemed to be less valuable.

Eugenics is specifically about the genes to be passed on to the next generation. The vast majority of those dying of Covid are over 60.

Unless they are Saudi princes, ageing rock stars or sperm donors who refuse to retire, their deaths at that age will have no effect on the number of offspring they leave behind.

Lord Beveridge, of Welfare State fame, was a leading member of the Eugenics Society.

I could be called a eugenicist if I said that young women should choose a biological father for their children with due consideration for the community whose future will be shaped by the positive or negative contribution those children will make.

In neither case is there any suggestion that the weak should be trampled underfoot.

John Riseley, Harrogate.