IT was with great sadness that I read at the weekend that my favourite charity St Cuthbert’s Hospice up at Lowes Barns is now struggling with a shortfall of some £300,000 due to the lack of funds generated by The Great North Run which of course did not take place this year – it’s 40th year.

Lots of other fund raisers have been hit by Covid-19 and I have great respect for St Cuthbert’s where quite a few of my great mates have been treated.

Lots at St Cuths are volunteers as are most of the people who run their charity shops and their drivers who ferry patients to and from this place of sanctuary.

I make quite a few donations with my bespoke sledges and I generate quite funds for this great establishment.

Please think about just giving a donation to the hospice rather than the ‘athlete’ who sadly did not get to run in the Great North Run.

Malcolm Rolling, Carrville.