WATCHING the BBC’s Question Time last week, the human rights of people crossing the channel in small boats to come to the UK was much discussed.

One of the panellists, Helen Stokes-Lampard, of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, a practising GP, stated: “We are a civilised nation so let us behave in a civilised manner to people most vulnerable around us.”

Stuart Rose, the chairman of Ocado, another member of the panel, stated: “The UK is very civilised.”

I love the UK but how can we be classed by so-called prominent people as totally civilised when the country fails to miserably protect the lives of the unborn child? Don’t they have human rights?

No one can be more vulnerable than them.

Whenever the question of human rights is raised on these programmes, the panellists at the same time should be asked their views on this topic of the vulnerability of the unborn child. I always wonder what their views are.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.