I HAVE been wearing a face mask since March, but found it uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so. It was mainly due to the elastic loop going over my ears.

There was a slight pain on the top of my ear, prompting me to loosen the loop, or even remove the mask altogether, once in a while for some relief.

Also I wear spectacles. Every time I tried to remove my mask the loop got entangled and brought my glasses off. It was a real spectacle to see me trying to extricate my spectacles from the mask.

I do not like to break the Government rule on face coverings. Therefore, I have come up with an utterly simple method to hook the loop over the ears.

I wear a baseball cap whenever I am out and about. I have stitched a penny-size button on the brim of my cap on either side, just above the ear.

While wearing the cap now I find it exceedingly easy to hook the loop over the buttons, which take up the strain and leave my ear free of tension. Thus I am able to wear the mask for a couple of hours without any discomfort.

It is my conviction that my simple method will contribute to the Government’s effort by encouraging more people to wear the face mask, and for longer periods of time. Little children who may wish to wear face masks may also find this more comfortable. Much enhanced protection for everyone, and a small step towards squashing the virus.

Ignatius DR Peries, Durham.