IT is a good six months since we have had a system of protection and isolation to combat coronavirus. It hasn’t and isn’t working.

Our economy has been decimated and our social lives affected and many have died of treatable diseases, like cancer, because they are unable to access treatment. People are living in agony awaiting operations like knee replacements, cancelled because of this pandemic.

In Sweden they have been operating a “herd immunity” system.

Sweden is a country Brits may visit and return from without need to self-isolate. Why? Because “herd immunity” is working. Yet we continue along our path of desolation.

Now 7,000 scientists and medics worldwide have said enough is enough and are in favour of The Great Barrington Declaration, that, more or less, states following the Swedish model. Only vulnerable groups need be protected, the rest of the population live lives as normal.

Of the thousands of students testing positive for the virus in the North-East, only about 10 per cent displayed symptoms. For the general population of the healthy that will be the effect.

Sadly, the Government is refusing to listen and continues to cite “evidence” that none of us sees as reason to plough this pointless path that, far from helping, has seen infection rise in the most sanctioned areas.

Let common sense prevail.

If you feel a need to isolate, do so and be supported. Wear masks in public. Do not frequent a pub, restaurant or cinema. Don’t use the bus. And the rest of us, a sizeable majority I’d say, live life as we used to, not a prisoner in our own homes.

After all, it’s worked in Sweden and 7,000 scientists and medical professionals, people more knowledgeable than any MP, say it’s time to admit our process has failed.

JB Collinson, Middleton-in-Teesdale.