WIND turbines are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time money and energy, in fact I’d call them a folly and a bigger blight on our landscape than the odd power station.

The Government are going to waste trillions on the desecration of our green and pleasant land.

Boris Johnson claims that we are going to be leaders in the field of windpower, but he also claims we are leading in the fight against Covid. He is completely bonkers. Who on earth is actually pulling his strings? This is a man in a world of his own - well he thinks it’s his which unfortunately we all live in.

He needs stopping now before he destroys our whole way of life.

He has handled the virus like a two-year-old child and is a danger to everyone’s very existence.

Wind power is ugly, noisy, totally useless and very expensive. The only winners are the manufacturers and the landowners who receive large amounts for allowing their land to have turbines built on it. The general public is certainly not a winner and the landscape is destroyed by these monstrosities.

Electric cars, windpower - who does Boris Johnson think he is Torchy the Battery Boy?

He certainly isn’t powered by Duracells - more like those cheap Chinese knock off batteries that don’t last the tomato season.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.