CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak vows to get hundreds of thousands into jobs with a brand new £238m back-to-work programme called the Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS).

But isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?

Current government restrictions make it impossible for job schemes like this to proceed.

The suits at No10 obviously don’t liaise with dole HQ. For starters, Britain’s Job Centres are closed to the public to all but emergency cases and have been since March.

Secondly with all these Covid restrictions, how can job seekers mix in large groups to beef up that CV or attend courses to bag that much sought after Mickey Mouse accredited qualification?

This announcement is nothing more than con job to temporarily calm the millions who are destined for a long stretch on the dole.

A Tory camouflage job with money wasted employing extra work coaches to babysit the mass unemployed, just to keep the work figures to an acceptable level.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.