IN my experience, one of the most difficult things for people to accept is being forced to give up something they have become used to enjoying. Such a loss is bitterly resented.

The Government has arguably relaxed the national lockdown far too fast, and as a result many people have quickly become accustomed to a return to something closer to normal life.

Thus when the inevitable rise in new coronavirus cases forces the imposition of a local lockdown, many people will be angry at losing their newly-regained privileges.

The resultant decline in the Government’s popularity does not matter, but the fact that some of those affected will decide to ignore the re-imposed restrictions does.

The Government’s bungled messages over the coronavirus have already led far too many to believe it is over, and to relax their precautions. Adding to this number will only further reduce the chances of our ever being able to control the pandemic.

Is there no end to this Government’s incompetence?

Alan Jordan, Middridge