I DO try to keep up with things modern but I think I am just too old-fashioned.

In my present delicate state, due to a recent operation, I decided while doing my exercises to listen to Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2.

It will be nice, I thought, to listen to a few hymns, some readings and perhaps a little sermon. The programme has changed from how I remember it.

It was like listening to a pop programme with a presenter obviously overjoyed with the company of two chefs (I believe) telling about their books and recipes and then joined by another presenter from his home (again I believe) as I wasn’t listening too closely.

No religious aspect in the 35 minutes I listened to so, losing the will to live, I turned the radio off.

If the presenters/producers are so short of religious songs I, no doubt, like your readers could recommend many by our favourite singers.

My wife enjoys the present format so it will be on again in the house and perhaps I am living in the past which I enjoyed.

However I enjoy immensely the present and always look forward hopefully to the future.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.