COUNCILLOR Kevin Nicholson, it is now claimed, did not make the decision to scrap plans for housing in his ward. However, he took the credit for doing so when it suited him. Now it seems he is upset at being questioned and is claiming that two of the longest serving councillors in Darlington are bullying him (Echo, July 22).

Since when did scrutinising become bullying? The former Labour council were forcefully taken to task by the opposition as part of a fair, democratic process and quite right too. To question those in charge is vital.

Whether you agree or disagree with Councillors Nick Wallis and Stephen Harker on issues past and present, it is to be remembered that they have given a great part of their lives to serving this town along with our council leader Heather Scott. I am therefore disappointed to find Councillor Scott involving herself in this squabble with such enthusiasm.

Perhaps she needs reminding that her party is now in charge and that strong leadership promotes unity. We are in the middle of a world-wide pandemic and a lot of our citizens and businesses in this town are struggling. Her time would be better spent caring about that.

Bev Hutchinson, Darlington.