I WOULD like to know why so many people voted Conservative in the last General Election? It seems to me that their government are getting away with everything; they are always right even when they’re wrong.

The Conservative government has cut back on public services so badly, that hospital patients sometimes have to wait over a day in A&E. Patients awaiting surgery have been on unreasonably long waiting lists. Police have lacked adequate resources to tackle anti-social behaviour, to the extent that I have told victims to either let it continue, or emigrate.

The UN’s Special Rapporteur has published a damning report into the government’s loathsome treatment of people who have the misfortune to be unable to work. At least the Government understand something about human rights, by offering people in Hong Kong affected by China’s human rights abuses, residence in the UK. I note that China didn’t offer UK citizens who had their benefits sanctioned in insidious circumstances, residence in Hong Kong.

The Government got their priorities so badly wrong in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, that we are the worst hit country in Europe. Germany has shown what could and should have been done, and so the UK’s failure can never be excused. I could also discuss PPE, and the devastating outcome in care homes.

The latest report of the Government’s lack of handling of the threat from Russia (Echo July 22), may have been a result of the government’s efforts to deal with the fallout from their mishandling of the Brexit referendum. I now see that Conservative MPs have successfully voted down an amendment to protect the NHS from foreign management. I recall reading in HAS one Brexit supporter writing that sovereignty is the overriding consideration in why Brexit should go ahead. I don’t call this sovereignty.

Are we going to continue to be turkeys voting for Christmas by voting Conservative?

Jeremy Whiting, Great Lumley.