M BALDASERA speaks glowingly about his Roman ancestors and about the immense benefits Roman civilisation conferred on first century Britain (HAS, July 8). Actually, the Roman occupation of Britain began a prolonged episode of unspeakable brutality in which possibly half the native population were slaughtered.

As for the excellent Roman roads he writes about, the were for military use only – the better to quell and subjugate the unfortunate Brits.

He then makes the extraordinary claim that the British “wallowed in their mire” until the Romans taught them how to have a bath.

On what grounds does he cast this aspersion? None that I can see. It’s as frivolous as it’s insulting (true enough, the Romans were fond of having a bath, but that’s the only concession they made to personal cleanliness. Their morals – according to their historians Tacitus and Suetonius – were unspeakably filthy). Actually, the ancient Britons did not need Roman so-called civilisation.

Their own was in many ways just as advanced and probably a sight more human.

Tony Kelly, Crook.