REGARDING coverage of protestors outside the Nissan plant who are fearful of a no-deal Brexit.

As a regular visitor to the North-East and to Sunderland, I congratulate and support these local individuals who are standing up for their local community, but also the nation.

We know that we have all been lied to during the Brexit referendum. The government is afraid to publish the economic impact of leaving the EU because of the net damage to the national economy that it will cause but it’s the region around Sunderland and the North-East that will suffer the most – deal or no deal.

Industry is not prepared for December 31, deal or no deal, as necessary port IT systems are still being designed.

There will be total chaos at the ports and motorways will become car parks for lorries.

This pandemic has shown us all just how incompetent this Johnson government is.

We are facing mass unemployment as a result of this pandemic, which is nothing new to the North-East but if there is a no-deal Brexit and Nissan and all the support jobs in the supply chain went, what will happen then?

There will be no economy left to level up and the only real option left will be to repeat the Jarrow march of 1936 and for thousands to march and camp outside parliament until this government listens to the people.

We may get genuine political and economic reform and the people who live outside the M25 may finally count.

Now is that not worth thinking about.

Peter Benson, Bromley, London.