HAVING followed ‘developments’ (or rather lack of them) about the abuse in the 1970s and 1980s of hundreds of young men in the Medomsley Detention Centre, I now see that the victims are being offered a derisory and insulting amount of compensation – between £1,750 and £5,000.

It makes me wonder if people have forgotten who was responsible for the Medomsley victims suffering.

Please remember the perpetrators/perverts who inflicted injuries to the victims were employed by the Government and the Home Office (now the Ministry of Justice).

I know one person who has waited 42 years to hear an end to his suffering. He may get some compensation, but mentally he is scarred for life. These flashbacks will haunt them forever.

The way things stand nobody has been compensated and the scale up to £5,000 – well, some people have had more for a fractured ankle.

I noted that there are only two categories of compensation – mental and physical – when originally there were three – sexual, mental and physical. This is an utter insult to the victims whose suffering continues. The only people who will be making money will be solicitors.

It looks like the perverts will be released before the victims are compensated.

It would appear that the Government’s sweeping brushes have failed to brush all of this filth under the carpet, but that’s the great British legal system for you.

Peter C Clark, Sherburn Hill, Durham