THE statue of Edward Colston was for a time replaced in Bristol by a statue of a Black Lives Matter protestor.

But why not have a permanent statue of David Dorn?

Although no one has been convicted for his death on June 2, he appears to have been among the many murdered through black-on-black crime – the facts of which destroy the claims made by BLM.

Perhaps a statue of Secoriea Turner instead? She’s the eight-year old who was shot while a BLM protest was going on in Atlanta on July 4.

Maybe a statue to the many thousands of white children still getting groomed and repeatedly raped.

All lives matter regardless of colour. But those who support, defend or make excuses for such people, those who repeat the racist lie of “white privilege”, those who claim you can’t be racist toward whites and whites have never suffered, those who claim saying “white lives matter” is racist etc., are supporting the very ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and anti-semitism they claim to oppose.

C MacArt, Spennymoor