JACOB YOUNG has sparked anger after joking about ‘’more Tory cuts’’ in a tweet that celebrated having his locks trimmed (Echo Teesside edition, July 7).

The Redcar Conservative MP made the inflammatory comments on his Twitter page.

At 26 he is one of the youngest MPs in the country. By the juvenile tone of his comment I thought he was about eight.

He says it was intended as a joke, but come on Jacob, you’re not in the school playground anymore, holding the position of an MP is serious business. But at least we know where your loyalties lie.

Ten years of Tory cuts have decimated towns like Redcar, South Bank and Eston.

Living standards, education, mental health and overall quality of life have all been affected by the barbers of Westminster.

The list of Tory cuts reads like an X-rated film, which is why Mr Young’s comment was so horribly offensive.

Next time you post a tweet Mr Young, please remember those on disability benefit who have been stripped of vital monetary support.

Or the schools that cannot afford the basic equipment and have to rely on the generosity of parents.

And let’s not forget the £35bn of benefit cuts by the Conservative croppers who have created record numbers of food banks in your constituency.

Stephen Dixon, Redcar.