THE Home Secretary is about to unveil the Government’s plans to restrict immigration to skilled workers with jobs, claiming that this is what the British people voted for.

Perhaps, but this was before the coronavirus, which showed that unskilled immigrants working as NHS cleaners, care home staff and delivery drivers were vital (whereas the much vaunted free market, with its overpaid executives, was irrelevant).

Successive Tory governments have been trying to force unemployed Britons to take such jobs, which are almost invariably low-paid, and often lack job-security due to zero-hours contracts, for years without success.

I see absolutely no reason why our current government, which has displayed a level of incompetence unprecedented in my lifetime, should be any more successful.

Where will this leave our economy, already predicted to be the slowest in the world to recover from the coronavirus, with a no-deal Brexit likely to make things even worse?

How will we survive a second wave of the coronavirus, and the future pandemics which are sure to follow? It’s about time the government woke up to the real world we live in, rather than the fantasy one they imagine.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.