I HAVE just read in Wednesday’s Northern Echo a report of a meeting of Hambleton District council regarding the traffic congestion on Friarage Street in Northallerton headlined “Uncertainty on funds for £15.4m high street transformation plan” (Echo, July 8).

A congestion-busting scheme involving a roundabout was discussed.

Having driven and walked around the area of Friarage Street since 1990, I must comment on the effect of the pedestrian crossing by The Masons Arms at the west end of Friarage Street.

A queue of traffic builds up regularly as pedestrians conspire to cross the road at 10m intervals – I have been party to this. I would suggest a light controlled crossing would keep the traffic moving better and reduce congestion in that area.

I would have thought many would have noticed this issue but I have never heard it mentioned.

Steve Knight, Danby Wiske