ONE of your crossword clues had me stumped recently. It was “A line joining places of equal hours of sunshine” in six letters.

I’d never heard of it – isobar, yes, but it did not fit, nor was the definition correct.

Luckily, it was one which had the answer the next day – “Isobel” is a line joining places of equal hours of sunshine!

I have known several ladies with that rather lovely name.

Then I remembered a knock knock joke of the 1970s:

“Knock knock, who’s there?”


“Isobel who?”

“Isobel necessary on a bicycle?”

On my many walks round our beautiful area, I have been surprised just how few fast and frantic cyclists actually have a bell to warn you of their presence.

However, the answer has just come to me – maybe these silent wheelers are attempting to win 2020 Nobel(l) Peace Prize!

Marilyn Taylor, Darlington