AFTER more years than Boris Johnson has been alive, he appears to have learned from John Maynard Keynes, who advocated just such a policy to get the UK “restarted” from the 1930s mass unemployment.

Roosevelt did this with his New Deal for the USA.

Both Hitler and Mussolini followed suit – before they moved into re-armament.

Japan also did the same, especially with its merchant ships programme – heavily government subsidised – which produced many modern and fast ships, especially tankers.

By comparison, the UK’s efforts were negligible.

UK rail structure ought to have been massively updated with electrification, and diesel locos, but it was cheaper to employ “bodies” and dump them when not required.

UK shipyards had the same attitude, here many were antiquated.

Strangely, Mr Johnson is adopting socialist policies and this is very welcome – which is more than the Labour/National government leader, Ramsey McDonald ever did, nor the ruthless Conservative, Stanley Baldwin.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees