LIKE your book critic, Steve Craggs (Echo, Jul 6) I do not like those “Who offer guidance and salvation to people whilst simultaneously raiding their wallets”.

However he has set his sights on the wrong man in Billy Graham.

Anyone involved in his crusades in Britain will know that he was the antithesis of these showbiz messiahs.

He never built a mega church and lived on a fixed salary.

I have seen him ask people to stop applauding him.

Many who became Christians, under his guidance, including those who became vicars went on to help the homeless, the deprived and the desperately ill all over the world, often in appalling circumstances. I know some of them.

None had felt “their wallets raided” by Billy.

Billy Graham is still respected by Christians worldwide. His death a few years ago left many with a sense of loss.

However his books still sell well. Perhaps Mr Craggs would like to read one. I’ll buy it for him.

Bill Bartle, Barnard Castle