RECENTLY there was a massive spike in Covid-19 cases in the Leicester city area, as the total number of new Covid-19 cases in this area amounted to ten per cent of all UK cases that week.

So, under the guidelines promised by the Government this meant that an immediate total lockdown of this area should have happened, but no, 11 days later on June 30, Boris Johnson and his Government announced that the total lockdown of the Leicester city area would begin, meaning that non-essential travel in and out of this area was not to happen.

But lo and behold, Leicester’s horse racing meeting, which started at 4.30pm was still going ahead.

So how do the trainers, horses, horsebox drivers, stable staff, stewards, TV coverage and technical staff, stall handlers and other support staff get there and back to Leicester races?

Well, I will tell you, by car, so that would mean an approximate number of say over 300 vehicles going to and from the Leicester races over a period of four or more hours, so much for non-essential travel being banned. Unbelievable, as Chris Kamara would say.

So no more chances, Boris, please resign immediately, as you and your ministers and advisers are a danger to the general public.

Stephen Hadden, Bishop Auckland