FOR months our PM has been softening the populace up to accept that any failures in the fight against Covid could be laid at the door of the scientists.

In recent weeks, the scientific community has started to push back which reflected in their absence from the daily press conferences.

But, as we are all beginning to realise, the PM is a man who knows no shame.

He now insinuates that the terrible consequences that hit our elderly people in care is the fault of care home operators who “didn’t follow procedures”.

Of course he wants to divert attention away from his government’s failure to prepare for a pandemic that was widely expected; that his government presided over the decanting of elderly people from hospitals to care homes without proper testing; that staff at all levels were woefully short of PPE.

He also ignored the fact that for years the care sector had been underfunded; that staff were poorly rewarded, badly trained and overstretched.

This is chickens coming home to roost for decades of disregard for not just our heroic care workers but also for the great people who they care for.

Boris Johnson must not be allowed to get away with this disgraceful attack and slur.

Dave Anderson, Middleton in Teesdale