THE front page of The Northern Echo (June 29) and other media bulletins carried the news of our prime minister’s promise of a schools rebuilding programme.

Are we not forgetting there was one already in place and working very well once before, which included the removal of all the asbestos from all our schools, thousands of schools either to be completely rebuilt, updated, or refurbished and many of them were in the North-East.

But, it was his party – David Cameron and co – who put a halt to it as soon as they obtained power in 2010.

I wish to submit this reminder because as I have stated before, a lot of the British electorate have short memories when it comes to political issues.

They will be led to believe how wonderful Boris is for this schools programme, but if his party had left the last one they inherited in place it would have been completed by now, and our children would be reaping the rewards already.

D. Dunbar, Sherburn Village