UNTIL I read Joe Mulroy’s letter “Priorities” (HAS, June 19), I had no knowledge of the serious crime George Floyd had committed when he broke into the house of a pregnant lady threatening her with a gun.

She must have been in fear of her life.

I certainly read no report of this nor sawcit being mentioned on any television news programme that I watched – however I do not watch every one I admit.

Was the lady white I wonder?

If so, in George Floyd’s case, was the act not a form of discrimination – disgraceful.

If she was black well he was attacking a lady of his own colour – disgraceful.

However, his latest misdemeanour should not have resulted in his death but in reading Joe’s letter (which is now over a week ago and testing my memory) I cannot remember reading anything which made me cringe and think that Joe’s letter was of a racist nature.

The writer was stating purely a point of view.

Regarding Linda Dixon’s statement on employment within her letter “White supremacism” (HAS, June 27), in the 1970s, I had an interview for a post in which I was seventh in seniority, but it was given to the applicant who was sixth. Was applicant number one discriminated against – we were all white and some of the applicants might have been women.

I’m sure the appointment was made on the best person suited for the job. Many white workers have setbacks.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.