DOES anyone from the Darlington Council finance committee know how much of our rate payers’ money was spent on what seems to be a very expensive CCTV system installed in the South Park opposite the children’s play area?

This morning (June 30) there was a safety health inspector assessing the damage (again) the youths caused in the locked play area.

We walk through the park most nights only to see a gang of youths congregating in the kiddies’ locked play area.

Last night (June 29), youths damaged the play apparatus and also left a disgusting amount of litter. This is not a one-off situation, it’s most nights and not late.

Is this CCTV system live and are they monitored? If not, why not?

If they are why is this situation allowed to carry on? Why has the system got a sound system fitted?

Do we need someone who can stay awake while sitting watching the CCTV monitors at the Town Hall (24 hours?).

May I remind the councillors that this play area was burned down not so long ago and rebuilt for the generosity of local businesses, is this not a lesson?

Stan Wilby, Darlington