BBC news editors obviously have a hidden agenda where every news item must be anti-Government, anti-Brexit, pro-BAME, and pro-LGBT.

Victoria Derbyshire, by her manner, presentation, and personality, revels in the role of “harbinger of doom” with endless items on feminine issues and hard-luck stories and a heavy reliance on viewers’ emails and texts.

The number of BAME newsreaders, presenters, announcers, interviewers, and reporters may be an accurate reflection of racial demographics in London but are out of all proportion to the UK as a whole and there are times when I think I’m watching a foreign TV channel.

Indeed, if they don’t know the actual facts, they make them up!

So 24 hour news becomes supposition and speculation supported by an endless parade of nameless specialists from meaningless “think-tanks” and non-descript universities who know less about the subject than the average viewer.

Needless to say I switch off, or resort to shouting at the TV, and rely on truthful, objective and sensible reporting by The Northern Echo – a jewel in a sea of dross.

P Holmes, Barnard Castle.