WILL Hear All Sides exist in 20 years’ time? Or any freedom of expression? Several national newspapers say no.

Why? Because the thought shapers/controllers are on a roll. Blame, accusation, disinformation, and spin are their weapons of choice. JK Rowling is their latest victim.

Their aim is to transform society by reinventing our identity, history, traditions and culture.

They are persistent and zealous and they are everywhere.

But, their particular focus is the media where the raison d’etre is to gain and maintain a stranglehold on the national mind.

They have created a political and social climate replete with -isms and -phobias where people have to think twice before they speak.

If you dissent you must be wrong and should be guilt-stricken.

You will probably be abused and threatened on social media. Even Hear All Sides is not immune. Certain controversial hot topics are never mentioned! Why not? Could it be fear?

Consider our national broadcaster, publicly funding to provide the nation with fair, balanced news coverage. But is that what we get?

No! It propagates a particularly editorialised view of politics, society, religion and culture.

These editors are all of one mind. Attempts at balance are token.

It is surprising that the new Director General is tasked with eliminating bias?

So Hear All Sides contributors, speak your mind while you can. But watch what you say.

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