“MAIL preference” is a complete nonsense, as it only covers mail with one’s actual name on it.

The “trash” folks get around this with “Occupier/Householder”. A simple way to stop this is for the government to state these two terms only apply to national and local government mail; all post including utilities have to use the correct name.

“Telephone preference” is simply ignored. All these trash call organisations should be required to include a trash call signal with number called. A blocker on one’s line would prevent trash calls going through.

The blockers are to be free installation and no rental charge, as the problem is down to phone company’s greed. Frankly, I consider call centres serve no useful function.

Saturation charity bags need urgent attention too. A local guy stated he numbers the bags with a felt tip pen as they arrived. He was into three figures in 12 months. No-one can possibly have that much spare gear.

Councils should restrict to one per month and share the slots between charities – preferably local ones.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees