I REALLY enjoyed reading Linda Dixon’s letter about racism and white privilege headed “White supremacism” (HAS, June 27)

She is so right to point out how racism is a horrible, toxic fact that runs like poison through our society whether we feel it affects us personally or not.

White people like myself may have experienced other types of discrimination that are equally wrong such as prejudice based on class, regional accent and age and surely that should be enough to make anyone realise how appalling and wrong it is to be discriminated against just because your skin happens to be a different colour?

As for Black Lives Matter, it’s just a campaign slogan and it does not mean only black lives matter – far from it. It’s because anti-racists like myself know all lives matter that we support the Black Lives Matter campaign so fully.

Although racism isn’t as prevalent in this country as in America surely we should do everything we can to wipe it out completely if we want a civilised country where everyone gets a fair chance in life? It would be a happier and more economically successful place if we can make that happen and I think it is certainly doable.

Michael Potter, Whickham, Gateshead