I’M afraid if Ms Embling of Crook thinks the protection given to the mountain hare which has just been passed in Scotland is going to save the hare then she is mistaken (HAS, Jun 22).

Despite the claim regarding hare numbers, recent survey work has shown they are in fact very stable on the grouse moors. However, if that moor was to be sold for afforestation, then the real hypocrisy of the situation will manifest itself. The body which has just passed protection for the hare would sign it’s own death warrant.

The Scottish government issues hundreds of licences every year to kill hares and deer in and out of season for the purposes of crop protection – that crop which needs protecting is trees. Commercial forestry is not as green as it would appear as once land is sold and then fenced for that purpose, every thing inside that fence is culled. Not simply reduced in number, but exterminated in the name of growing trees.

Surveys of the flying icon of Scotland, the golden eagle, have shown they shun such areas as there is nothing left for them to feed upon.

If I were a hare, I would rather take my chance on the grouse moor where I at least have a decent percentage chance of staying alive rather than living over the fence in a new forest where I have none.

I saw this at first hand when I used to live in a Scottish glen.

Name supplied, Teesdale.