I MUST take issue with the sentiments expressed by GB Butler “Student protests” (HAS, June 22) in relation to the Black Lives Matters protests.

GB Butler has clearly been watching different protests to the ones broadcast worldwide.

To present the international outrage widely expressed by people of all ages and backgrounds as “student protests” is both misleading and misguided.

The BLM protests have been attended by people of all age groups, cultures and political opinions.

Furthermore, it is to be celebrated that young people are willing to publicly take a stand against racism.

To suggest that protest is confined to university students is entirely fallacious.

To then suggest that all students once they graduate wish to disappear to lucrative “city” jobs abandoning formerly held principles is as ridiculous as it is insulting and patronising.

Finally on the issue of “African chiefs selling slaves to the white man”. Yes it is a matter of historical record that this happened on occasion.

However, does that then justify the inhuman treatment of the African peoples by the white slave masters upon arrival in America and Europe? No it does not.

The treatment of people of African/Caribbean heritage has been historically appalling – look at the recent Windrush scandal which forced the departure of Amber Rudd from the Home Office, for following the directive of previous Home Secretary Theresa May. As for Trump’s disregard for the rights of non-white communities in the United States – it is horrendous beyond belief. Lessons have not been learnt even in our current “enlightened” times. People are right to take to the streets to oppose racism and state their support for Black Lives.

Long may the protests continue.

Neil Johnson, Darlington.