AS soon as I saw the mention in last week’s Echo regarding Mike Amos’s autobiography I knew I wanted a copy asap and that’s how fast it came.

I sent my order on the 17th and received same on Friday the 19th of June.

My letter was sent by second class post and couldn’t have arrived quicker using first class. I have been a follower of Mike’s columns since Adam was a lad, not forgetting his wife Sharon’s articles as well. I miss both their offerings.

The last time I saw the Amos’s they were enjoying fish and chips in Hawes until my wife and I disturbed their meal by introducing ourselves.

They might even have forgiven us by now. If I remember rightly they may have had one of their lads and their bairn with them. Best of British to all their kin.

The book is a great read which is only to be expected knowing its authorship.

Doug Porthouse, Ferryhill.