NOBODY enjoys a pint or a flutter on the horses more than me.

But if the Government announced I could not visit my local pub or bookies until September at the earliest, but that schools had reopened fully I would be delighted.

Delighted that our government and society had its priorities in order.

Instead the opposite seems to be the case.

What message are we sending to the younger generation if we can have a bet on the horses or – soon – a drink in our local while they cannot go to school?

If top class football and horseracing can return – albeit with social distancing and no crowds – how come lessons cannot resume for most children until September?

Of course money talks, hence the return of horseracing and football on TV. The sporting bodies put in place the relevant restrictions to allow this to happen. Because they had the will and the incentive to do so.

But our schools don’t seem to want to follow their example.

So what price our children’s education?

Neil McKay, Lanchester.