AS soon as anyone from the BAME community dares to criticise any aspect of Britain today, some right-winger will immediately argue that if they don’t like it, they should “go home”.

In the latest example, a Conservative activist has allegedly called on Muslim Labour MP Naz Shah to “go home” to Pakistan.

The fact that Naz Shah was born in this country, and has lived here all her life, makes this country her ‘home’ in any meaningful sense of the word. If one carries this argument to its logical conclusion, then why shouldn’t white people also be asked to “go home” to Germany, Scandinavia, Normandy, or wherever else their ancestors originally came from.

Let’s face it, this whole argument is absurd, and simply boils down to racism.

Fortunately, the activist concerned has rightly been suspended from the Conservative Party, and I trust will be expelled if the allegation is proven.

Alan Jordan, Middridge.