I HAVE to disagree with GB Butler’s take on foreign travel (HAS, June 19). The two weeks’ quarantine doesn’t just apply to airline travellers, but to the thousands of people who come off the ferries every day.

My husband and I must be two of his “UK citizens not in their right minds” because, like tens of thousands of Brits, we have a holiday home in France which we haven’t seen since Christmas. We are desperate to go, but you can only travel if you qualify against the list of reasons for “essential travel”.

Happily we could quarantine there for two weeks as we are so remote, and Brittany is so rural and sparsely populated that we can be there in normal times and not see anyone for two weeks! In fact it would be much easier to quarantine there than here.

On the other side of the coin, there are the hundreds of thousands of Brits who now live in France, and are desperate to come to the UK to see their sons, daughters and grandchildren. We travel with them on the half a dozen or so trips we make every year, so there are clearly lots of us “not in our right minds”.

K Harris, Barnard Castle.