IT seems like another lifetime, but in the run up to last year’s election the question kept being raised about when the Government would publish the report that had been produced to look into Russian intervention into UK politics in general and our elections in particular

Seven months into the new Parliament and we still await the report.

The Government claims that it can’t produce a report until it has been seen by a newly convened Intelligence and Security Liaison committee. But the setting up of the committee isn’t in the hands of Parliament, it is in the hands of Boris Johnson.

Now it may just be that he has been too busy to convene the group but, surely, a committee as important to our nation as this shouldn’t have been silenced for this length of time

But perhaps there could be other reasons why Mr Johnson is reluctant to turn the spotlight onto Russian interference in our democracy.

Perhaps he doesn’t want us to know that his party has received over £1.5m over the last five years from the Russians including £45,000 paid direct for a game of tennis with our PM? And perhaps he doesn’t want to explain to us why donations have almost doubled in his time in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson doesn’t like answering questions as we see every Wednesday lunch time, but if there is outside interference in our democracy then nothing should stand in the way of such scrutiny

Dave Anderson, Middleton in Teesdale.