HOW on Earth does Darlington council think that the lack of parking spaces will help curtail the Covid 19 virus (Echo, June 12).

Does it know something we don’t? Is there a possibility that a VW can pass this killer infection through close proximity to a Nissan?

I have never heard such nonsense in my life. I wouldn’t attempt going to Darlington if I thought parking spaces which at the best of times are less than adequate were reduced.

For many of these businesses which struggle to survive in normal times to open and pay staff with very few customers is just their death knell. It would be cheaper for them to remain closed, something no one wants.

I’m afraid at this most critical stage of the Pandemic it is you and me who need to take our health and safety, in fact our lives, into our own hands. Our Government’s handling is no example to follow.

What will closing parking areas in the town achieve? Well, maybe Irate drivers fighting for reduced spots, business owners in despair with delivery drivers illegally parking.

I can see many disadvantages but not one advantage. Darlington should concentrate on free parking for all, reduced business rates, and more policing to keep the public safe.

Your vehicle won’t catch the virus being parked in close proximity to another. It is a car owner virus.

John Cumberland, Rushyford